The AODA is the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and is all about accessibility standards.

There are five standards detailed in the AODA:

  1. Customer Service,
  2. Built Environment,
  3. Employment,
  4. Information and Communication, and
  5. Transportation
Under the first standard, Customer Service, all employers are obligated to perform a number of actions including ensuring staff receive training on how to serve people with disabilities.

Providing the requisite training is an interesting problem - a problem we can solve! We have expertise in developing eLearning and classroom based training for student and for train-the-facilitator solutions. The Wired Schoolhouse was retained by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the Accessibility Directorate, to develop a generic Customer Service training module; in addition we are currently working with other clients to create customized training solutions for this content... So, we know this content inside and out!

Relying upon our experience with the AODA content and our history of developing eLearning and classroom based training programmes, we have developed a customizable solution to the problem of providing AODA training. Our solution can be tailored to meet specific needs, and consists of AODA content and client specific scenario based learning environments presented via eLearning, end-user and train-the-facilitator packages. All three packages may be customized to your specific situation - this customization includes location specific photography, audio, and environmental specific scenarios. Your environment is unique in many respects and customized scenarios would be built to reflect your situation.

We know the AODA training obligations and we guarantee that our solutions meet the legislative requirements. Our solutions are both cost effective and “training effective”. In a nutshell, we can quickly and inexpensively solve the AODA training problem that you face.

Let’s talk about your environment and training obligations - we’re confident we can help!

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