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The End of College by Kevin Carey

Just finished reading The End of College… absolutely intriguing look at universities (despite the title), the cost of attending, the value of attending and how it just isn't making much sense anymore given new, technology based, alternatives. As a university grad and the parent of university grads it's hard to argue with his premise that many universities only pay lip service to undergraduate education. That being said however I think there is value to a multi-year, away-from-home (if you can afford it) exposure to some smart professors and many smart peers. And, if that exposure isn't in a classroom but instead in a coffee shop or pub, so what? The process is more important than the content I suspect…

Certainly technology based tools that will disrupt the education environment are already here and more are coming. I'm not sure if Mr. Carey is correct - he's VERY optimistic about technology - but it's hard not to agree that the education world is changing fast and in a very short time, post-secondary education will look considerably different than it does today.