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eLearning projects and failure

It's interesting to read about why eLearning development projects fail… and fail they do! My brief research efforts to date haven't allowed me to come up with a firm estimate but it seems that almost half (HALF!) of such projects fail on one criterion or another. Granted it's tricky to actually define what failure is - it certainly means different things to different people - but more broadly speaking it seems safe to say that half of these projects have "issues" of the negative persuasion.

A 2010 article entitled "Why do e-learning projects fail?" lists 33 causes of failure… while it's easy to quibble about some of the 33 it's fascinating to note that almost half (today seems to be the day of half) of them have to do with some aspect of project management… whether it's a Scope issue or Resourcing, there's a common thread here… and, as a PMP I'm intrigued: is there a need in eLearning for more formal Project Management training? More on this soon…