The Wired Schoolhouse

The Wired Schoolhouse Solutions for Teaching, Learning, and Performance

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The Wired Schoolhouse is an education company; we create training that works. We do eLearning and stand-up, have worked with private and public sector clients, have delivered award winning product and ALWAYS complete our projects on time and on budget. Whether you need a quick "one off" module or multiple modules with hosting and user tracking services we can meet your needs.

In addition to custom eLearning we also do educational Project Management consulting and have created a bridging service between
teachers and Exceptional Students… we are in the education space to help students of all types get the best out of their opportunities.

Oh, by the way, we're now investigating the use of AI to help in ALL of the above areas! Keeping up with AI is like drinking from a fire hose!

One thing is for sure - the education space is not dull these days!

Drop us a note or call 416 451 7985.
BTW, we've partnered with Accessibility Services Canada to create and deliver AODA training that meets Ontario requirements… we're running an LMS with thousands of users and offer the training in French and English. If you're interested in AODA training, either single seats or a full site licence, please let us know!
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