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Custom eLearning

The Wired Schoolhouse is a custom content eLearning company. Working with you, we design, develop and deliver solutions to your planning, training and implementation challenges. We have worked with private and public sector clients, have delivered award winning eLearning and ALWAYS complete our projects on time and on budget. Whether you need a quick "one off" module or multiple modules with hosting and user tracking services we can meet your needs.
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We have partnered with Accessibility Services Canada to create and sell AODA based eLearning: We offer an integrated course combining and updating our earlier Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation Courses. In the new integrated course we track your users, record their progress and provide certificates of completion for all users that pass the assessments. For more information and to purchase seats please click on the Accessibility Services Canada logo below.

By the way, we did a bit of market research with our existing users and, based upon more than 2,000 responses, we've summarized the feedback as follows:

* 93% found the course relevant to their day-to-day work
* 88% enjoyed taking the course
* 93% found the course and our Learning Management System easy to use, and the animated characters we used for the course were
VERY well received.

Needless to say, we're
QUITE pleased!
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What our clients say about us...

“We contracted The Wired Schoolhouse to customize an e-learning module for the TTC in order to meet the AODA Customer Service Standard.  

Brian & Ken worked relentlessly to align their tasks with the TTC's extremely tight deadlines, specifically, they were well organized and thorough when filming or photographing the different employees or actors at various work locations.  Overall, they worked diligently to complete this project on time, and they did so with a great sense of humour."